1、The Consultation and Introduction Process(咨询和介绍步骤):

The process begins with a complimentary consultation at IWS office, by phone, through WeChat or Skype. Our goal is to answer your questions and provide you with information that gives you a proper understanding of the entire process. We also strive to ensure you are provided with valuable advice that will prepare you to make the best decisions based on your particular needs.

这一步骤从您亲自到IWS的办公室,或通过电话,或通过网络视频(WeChat或Skype) 得到免费的咨询开始。我们的目的是详细解答您有关代孕全过程的问题和向您提供相关的信息。我们将保证根据您的具体情怳提供独到的建议以助您做出最正确的决定。

2、The Surrogate Selection Process(代孕者的甄选步骤):

Once you decide you are interested in having us assist you, we will guide you through the selection process. Completing the Intended Parent questionnaire prior to retaining our services will allow us to help you select a Surrogate that is well suited for you, based on your profile and personal requests. Once we confirm we have a couple of potential matches, you would return your retainer agreement, a copy of your passport(s) and wire the agency fee. Once your file is complete and all documentation & funds have been received in our office, we will set up a phone or Skype call between you and the Surrogate you are most interested in. If after speaking with her you do not feel it would be a good match, we would set up a call or meeting with your second choice.

一旦您有意让我们协助您,我们将在甄选过程中指导您。您的专业人士将指引您完成甄选过程。在聘用我们的服务之前完成意向父母调查问卷,这将使我们可以根据您的具体情怳和要求帮您挑选一位适合您的代孕者。当我们确认了几位潜在的匹配对象,您要传回您的 聘用合同、一份您护照的复印件并将代理费用汇给我们。一旦您的档案完成了;我们已收到所有的文件和汇款,我们将安排通过电话或网络视频与您有意的代孕者通话。如果您与她通话后感觉她并不是一位好的匹配对象,我们将安排您与第二位候选人的电话会议或会议。

3、The Selection Process(甄选过程):

You are able to speak with as many Surrogates as you would like. It is important that both you and the Surrogate are comfortable and would like to move forward in the process as a team. After your meeting, whether in person, through Skype or by phone, you have both decided to work together, we will notify each of you and consider you both MATCHED.

您可以与多位代孕者通话。重要的是您和代孕者感觉合适并想要成为一个小组继续工作。无论是亲自见面、通过 Skype 或者电话,在会议后您二位决定合作,我们会通知您们已配对。

4、The Screening Process(医疗检查步骤):

If you do not have a fertility clinic we will suggest one to you. We will prepare and send all necessary referral forms to the professionals involved (i.e. fertility clinic, psychologist and attorneys). Each professional that is assisting in the process will contact you. Once clearance has been received, we will notify you by email. When all of the steps to the screening process have been completed and clearance has been given, you can officially sign the legal agreement with your Surrogate.


5、The Legal Process(法律步骤):

The law in California requires the Intended Parents and the Surrogate to have separate legal representation (attorneys) and the signature page of the legal contract between the parties, must be notarized or signature witness verification equivalent, prior to beginning injection medication. It is required that both parties have an attorney who is specialized in third party reproduction. If you do not have an attorney preference, we will refer you to a reputable attorney specialized in this unique field. Your attorney will be considered the drafting attorney and your surrogates’ attorney is the review attorney. Your attorney drafts and reviews the contract with you, then sends it to the surrogates’ attorney for review with her. During this stage, there may be changes and additional reviews scheduled before the contract is agreed upon, finalized and signed by all parties. This portion of the process typically takes 4-6 weeks to complete, depending on the schedule of the parties and the professionals involved.

加州的代孕法要求准父母和代孕者双方分别聘用律师,并且在代孕者开始注射药物之前双方法律合同的签字页必须公证或有等同效力的签字见证人确认。双方的律师必须是专事第三方代孕法律业务的。如果您没有律师,我们将向您推荐一位知名度很高的专业律师。您的律师将草拟代孕协议,代孕者律师将审查此协议。您的律师与您讨论并确定协议的内容, 之后将此协议传送给代孕者及她的律师进行审议。这个过程将因为协议条款的修改或增减来往反复几次,以最终得到双方同意并签署。这通常需要 4-6 周的时间。

6、The Financial Process(付款步骤):

Once your legal agreement is finalized, the required funding deposit is due (the amount and timing of deposits will vary and are listed in your legal agreement). Your surrogate will be paid monthly beginning the first of the month following the signing of the legal agreement.


7、The IVF Process(人工受孕步骤):

Your Surrogate is contractually obligated to undergo up to 3 pregnancy attempts. The normal wait time between attempts is 3 months if she does not get pregnant the first time. Your Surrogate is required to follow the instructions of the fertility clinic. It is common for clinics to require a bed rest period following 2 the IVF/embryo transfer of 1-3 days. A blood test is performed on day 10 or 12 following the IVF/embryo transfer to determine if the pregnancy attempt was successful. Two weeks from a positive pregnancy test a fetal heartbeat ultrasound will occur to confirm a viable pregnancy. The fertility clinic will continue to monitor your Surrogate through the first trimester of pregnancy.

您的代孕者按照合同有义务完成最多三次的受孕尝试。如果她没能在第一次尝试中怀孕成功,第二次尝试将安排在三个月后。代孕者需遵循生育诊所的指引。通常在人工受孕后的1-3天生育诊所会要求代孕者卧床休息。在人工受孕后的第10-12天,代孕者将接受血液测试以确定受孕是否成功。从呈阳性的怀孕检测算起两周后,超声波检查能确认胎儿的心跳, 有效的妊娠从此开始。妊娠的头三个月,代孕者将得到生育诊所持续有效的关注。

8、The Pregnancy Process(妊娠步骤):

Once your Surrogate becomes pregnant through IVF Embryo Transfer procedure, she will continue the medication she is on for another month or two, as directed by the IVF physician. These medications are necessary to allow the placenta to begin processing its own hormones to sustain the pregnancy.


9、The Pre-Birth Order Process(出生前法院判决步骤):

During the second trimester of pregnancy, your attorney will contact you to begin the parental establishment process (pre-birth order/paternity judgment). These documents will officially name you as the legal parent to the child or children your Surrogate is carrying. Be sure to respond to your attorney quickly and efficiently as time is of the essence to getting this process completed before the birth occurs. Once completed, you will receive a certified copy of the paternity judgment (stamped by the Court of California). The hospital will require a copy of this document so don’t forget to bring a copy with you to the hospital.


10、The Delivery Process(分娩步骤):

The BIG DAY is finally here!! Hopefully you have arrived in time and are able to witness this incredible moment. You and your Surrogate may be overwhelmed before, during and after the birth. We strongly recommend that Intended Parents bring a token of appreciation to the hospital for your Surrogate once she delivers. A Surrogate truly cherishes this gift because it’s a representation of your time together and a thank you her for all of her sacrifice and dedication to bringing your little bundle of joy into the world. If you have asked her to express breast milk, please be sure to re-confirm this with her AFTER the delivery so you can prepare accordingly. Be sure to notify the hospital of your intentions on feeding requirements for your baby.


11、The Process of Bringing Baby Home(把新生儿带回家的步骤):

If you live abroad, you cannot return to your country until you have both a birth certificate and a passport for your child. You will be expected to stay in the U.S. for a minimum of 3 - 4 weeks after the birth to ensure receipt of these documents. IWS is one of the few agencies that offer our clients a Concierge Program. If you sign up for this service, you will be picked up at your hotel and driven to the proper facilities to obtain the necessary documentation to take your child home. If an interpreter is needed, this service will also be provided.

Before you leave, we recommend saying goodbye to your Surrogate and her family and allow them to see the baby one final time. It is a great idea to take photos and celebrate this day that has been a year or longer in the making.

如果您生活在国外,您的新生儿必须具有出生证明和护照才能回到您的国家。在宝宝出生 后,您要准备至少3-4 周时间才能将这些重要的文件办齐。IWS是不多的代理公司中的一间向我们的客户提供礼宾计划。如果您签署了这份计划,我们将在您下塌的酒店接送您到相 关机构取得必要的带新生儿回家的。如果您需要翻译服务,本计划也提供。在您离境前,我们建议您向您的代孕者和她的家人告别,他们也能见新生儿最后一面。照张相并庆祝一下这个通过至少一年创造的成果是非常有意义的。

12、The Final Thank You(谢谢):

All of us at Surrogate Alternatives strive for a successful outcome. No one knows what the future holds, however, we all have faith and hope that your experience is one without hurdles, complications or delays. We are proud to be a part of your journey and thank you for allowing us to share this special journey with you!


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