Same Sex Parenting

We believe that everyone should have the chance to be a parent

Society as a whole is still unfamiliar, and therefore uncomfortable, with Gay Parenting and the issues that go along with it. At IWS we will help you deal with the concerns that you might have regarding the future, and will guide you through the entire process of surrogacy, egg donation and the legal issues. We are proud of our ability to professionally and compassionately help manage surrogacy engagement and the couple's pursuit of a family.

Building a family is an especially unique process for gay men and same sex couples.

At IWS, we understand that third party reproduction can be challenging for many reasons. Building a family is an especially unique process for gay men and same-sex couples. It may initially seem overwhelming, but with the right guidance, resources and preparation, it can truly be done with ease.

The best option to affirm your rights and protect your family.

The IWS specialist will ask you some personal questions about your living arrangements so that this information can be included in your file and shared with your surrogate or egg donor if need be.  All of this information will then be formulated into a professionally written synopsis, and can be used should you need a copy at a later date for your parental order or any other potential court visits.

We’re modern family advocates.

As an agency rooted in modern family advocacy, we are strong proponents of the ability to choose from many family building options. Every family has their own road, and we're honored to take part in so many modern journeys. We give special thanks and recognition to our families below who generously shared their stories with you.

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